Vivid Promotions is pleased to bring you the album, “THE SAX IN I,” featuring ARYANA NEMATI. It is an album that will elevate your spirit and soothe your soul. It is guaranteed for great listening any time of the day or night.

KANSAS CITY NATIVE ARYANA NEMATI’s journey with the saxophone, thus far, encompasses 14 years of her life. Jazz intrigued Aryana early in her musical journey. This inspired Aryana to realize her dream of a Bachelor’s of Music in jazz studies, followed by a Master’s of Music in jazz performance and pedagogy. Aryana is extremely active in the Kansas City music scene and performs a wide variety of genres. She plays rock steady, ska and other correlative musical sounds with multiple bands. Still, something within the reggae music captures her. Listening to music from The Skatalites, Light of Saba, Roland Alphonso, and Tommy McCook, rouses her spirit because they blend island roots and sweet vibes with jazz.
One night, by chance Dolphin ‘Naggo’ Morris (former lead vocalist of The Heptones) happened to see Aryana performing in Kansas City. He invited her to practice a few sessions with him. After sharing musical ideas (along with a fine home-cooked Jamaican meal), he encouraged her to record over one of his new riddims (“rhythms”). Naggo phrased instrumentals and Aryana interpreted them on her sax. Naggo eventually returned home to Jamaica, but this would not interrupt what they started. He recorded more phrases in Jamaica, sent them to Aryana, and she recorded them in Kansas City. This recording is the result of numerous emails, phone calls, and persistent effort. The same Jamaican studio where Naggo recorded his tracks, mixed and mastered these fine tunes for your pleasure. ENJOY!

“No artist makes their journey alone nor without the help of people special to them. They are guided, advised and supported all along the way.”

“I thank the Almighty for putting these people in my life and making my journey more wonderful than I could ever imagine. Thank you, Scotti B., Linda C., and Derrick R., for your never-ending encouragement; Vivia and Vivid Promotions for ‘Putting Me Out There’; Mark Thies at Markosa studio for your kindness and professionalism; Collin Reid at Hyghwave Studio for being so helpful and working diligently; Naggo for believing in me, inspiring me, and pushing me to be my best; and everyone who supports me by way of this album. Profound love, respect and thanks to my parents, KATHY and JAVAD, for the love and support you have given me over the years.”

“WE hope this music brings you joy and good vibes as it has done so for us. Bless!” -Aryana Nemati



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