Pinky Dread



Pinkie started singing at the age of 6 years old. He was singing in his church and school choirs . He continued to sing with them until 1971. At the age of 12 years old Pinkie won a singing contest and it was call the Jamaican Band Wagon. Out of everyone that audition Pinkie won and he was chosen to take the stage with Mr. Bob Marley. At 12 years of age this was a fantastic accomplishment. He shared the stage for 5 songs with Mr. Marley. In 1975/76 Pinkie was 15 to 16 years of age he started to record for the Twinkle Brothers Talent Agency. He did this by winning another competition for the Twinkle Brothers Talent Show. He was then flown to England where he recorded two songs…Children Cry and Street of Babylon. Then the let down happen in 1977. Late into his 16th year he was told to leave Reggae and go to Soul music. Pinkie informed them that this would not be happening. He returned to his Reggae roots and beloved Jamaica. Feeling let down and depressed a short period of depression came about . Pinkie turned to farming. If they were not going to grow his music then he was going to grow food. Then in 1979 at the age 18 he received a call from Newton Merit. This was Jimmy Cliffe’s manager. He was asked to go to St. James Parish in Jamaica to Jimmy Cliffe’s home to audition for a spot on the Jimmy Cliffe Show. When Pinkie took the stage the song he sang was Teachers of Love.

By 1981 Pinkie was singing in shows and venues in Montego Bay at different clubs around the city.

He was also singing locally in Negril at the same time. He continued this until 1988, then in early 1988 he was signed by Winners Promotion Company. He was now a full stage show and production in Westmorland Parish. This is the time period he was given the name Pinkie Dread and it was partly because the pink suit that he wore on stage. He was now an accredited Reggae performer. Late in 1988 he began performing at the Montego Bay dance hall nights. Then came Reggae Sun Splash. During this time he recorded another song The Grumbling, produced by The Supreme Label. During this time Pinkie’s Band was put together by him and called it the Ninja Force Band. Then Pinkie and his Band was off to tour Japan and a 6 months contract to work at Java Jive. A well know Reggae Club in Roponpongi Japan. Pinkie and the Ninja Force Band returned from Japan in late 1989 to again perform at Reggae Sun Splash in Montego Bay Jamaica.

Pinkie spent the next 10 years performing in Westmoreland Parish, Montego Bay and Kingston. This 10 year period reground Pinkie and his music and led him to another recording contract in Germany.

Pinkie did and album called Change. Most of the songs recorded were Pinkie Dread Originals. Which as always Pinkie poured his heart and soul into. The rest of the Album were cover tunes remixed. Still avail on iTunes to this day. Pinkie then did a small tour promoting this Album in 4 or 5 German Cities. He then performed to a large outdoor audience during October Fest in Bavaria. On completion of the tour he once again returned to Jamaica, his home. He then returned to his trusted Manager Mr. Clifton Reid. At this time Pinkie and trusted Drummer Prince realigned to form the Ninja Force Band. Not all original band members were available, but the heart and soul was there, new members were auditioned and selected. The Ninja Force Band was once again. The year is now 2016, and in appreciation to their Manager Mr. Reid they had the honour of playing for Mr. & Mrs. Reid oldest and beloved son Dr. Jarnell Reid, currently Pinkie Dread is currently performing live at Bourbon Beach, Chances, Alfred’s Ocean Palace, and The Boat Bar on the beautiful 7 mile beach in Negril Jamaica. Which puts him home and in his own bed. Life has never been more comfortable….Irie…………



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