Vivid Reggae Radio is dedicated to Vernal Naggo Morris, Naggo Heptones Morris and all other artistes out there who are having a difficult time getting airplay for their songs. We are, Putting you out there. Needless to say no one will be left out, just aiming to create a balanced playing field.

While doing that we aim to create an environment where all, including DJs/Selectors, listeners, artistes, promoters, producers and business owners, can interact and get to know each other while listening to great music. We aim to create an environment where everyone is treated with love and respect despite color, class, race or creed.
Since inception we have been trendsetters for example, with the use of the multi camera lounge. We will continue to be creative and innovative in order to make your experience with us a wonderful one.

Thank you for making Vivid Reggae Radio your number one internet radio!

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